Meet IVDA at TelecoDays Prague 2016

One week is left for IVDA team to attend TelecoDays Prague 2016. IVDA is an Associate Sponsor of the global telecom meeting for the second time.

This is a good chance to build stronger relationships and get acquainted with IVDA solutions for small and large telecom companies through effective networking. You can easily schedule a meeting with IVDA managing Director via TelecoDays Meeting Scheduler.

TelecoDays is an exclusive global networking platform for voice and wholesale telecommunications market players. It enables the attendees to meet the regional and local carriers through extensive networking opportunities – bilateral meetings, exhibitions, coffee breaks and evening networking events.

Choosing VoIP Carrier: Why Quality Should be Your First Priority

The linchpin to everything you do as a company is the VoIP services you get from your partner. Anything that impacts that service is expanded and passed through to the customers. Every VoIP provider, carrier and vendor, and really – everyone in telecom business – knows, that quality matters. Quality is the main differentiating factor between VoIP products and services. It brings customers in, retains their loyalty, and keeps them from abandoning.

Despite the ever changing realities of the telecom world, quality is, will always be, the key to success in VoIP business. Let us have a deeper look at why quality should be your first priority when choosing VoIP provider. Read more