British Telecom Pioneer Member of IVDA (International Voice & Data Association)

Miami, FL – October 1st, 2013 – the leader association of the international wholesale telecommunications community, IVDA (International Voice & Data Association) announces the incorporation of British Telecom as pioneer member. Diego Devoto, CEO & Co-founder of IVDA says: Key players leverage IVDA’s platform. Without a doubt BT Latam will bring new potential opportunities to IVDA’s members. Its exciting to envision about the merge between one of the most important telecom networks available today and one of the most profitable and dynamic telecom hub working in a rock solid, state-of-the-art trading platform.

Roberto Crotti, Southern Cone Manager says: We are very enthusiastic to communicate our inclusion to IVDA as Pioneer Members. It represents a very interesting opportunity for BT Latam to do business with companies that we have not been interconnected before in a safe, reliable and fast environment. In this matter we business more efficient.


BT Wholesale on the international stage Outside the UK, BT operates as Global Telecoms Markets (GTM), the international wholesale arm of BT Global Services. BT Wholesale and GTM work closely together with a common strategy, portfolio of products and managed solutions to meet the needs of wholesale customers worldwide. GTM serves communication providers, carriers and telecom operators around the world, using a combination of the state-of-the-art BT global fibre-optic network and satellite services. Its customers include around 685 service providers in more than 170 countries.

GTM positions itself as a 21st-century provider of capacity and capabilities. While continuing to offer traditional premium wholesale solutions, GTM also provides TDM, IP and mobile voice; data network, network management, data centre, inbound and messaging services; backed by the offerings of BT Advise for Communications, GTM’s professional services and consulting unit. The vision of BT Global Telecom Markets is to be the partner of choice for world-class traditional and next-generation wholesale services and solutions supporting service providers in their chosen markets worldwide.

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